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Dr. Fritz Schellander

Dr. Fritz Schellander was born in Klagenfurt in Southern Austria.  After studying medicine in Vienna, he moved to England in 1971, re-qualifying in London. He spent 8 years in academic research and 14 years in General Practice before establishing the Liongate Clinic in Tunbridge Wells in 1989, primarily with the aim of providing non-invasive treatments for patients with heart disease, circulatory disorders and cancers.

Dr. Schellander’s aim at the Liongate Clinic was to create an awareness of the importance of homoeostatic (self-righting) principles and to teach patients how to use their own physical and mental resources for improving health and lifestyle, with a strong emphasis on nutritional therapies to supplement all treatments.

Dr. Schellander has always networked with a wide range of medical therapists in the UK and abroad as well as with hospitals and conventional doctors where appropriate.


"I saw myself at Liongate as providing a link between orthodox and complementary medicine and I consider that each approach has a valid contribution to make. I believe that effective treatment requires time and a deep understanding of patients’ physical and emotional needs and I continue to provide this through consultations and an association with other clinics for treatments. 

I can offer patients facing major health problems a sounding board to help unravel what is often a bewildering array of treatment options out there."

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